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2012-05-06 12:34:56 by mastsony

I'm half-way done with my next video. I plan put a LOADING SCREEN. It's in black and white and it has voices and i must do it in ENGLISH because i'm canadian french by the way. it's 2 min long or less depends on how it's going, i have a shitty computer so flash doesn't run perfectly, to sync the voices i must TEST every time i must animate the mouth and this is annoying... i can't use this computer on the week so it'll be finished next week. I'm out.

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2012-04-30 20:15:39 by mastsony

I already know that no one gives a single shit but i'm half-way done in my new video, featuring black guy( no racist) and a white guy, i swear it's not a racist video, they're friends actually, anyway,ummm Flash just crashed right now SHIT! I'll nver use CS5 again, thsi piece of crap, i lost like what 12% now? FUCK YOU ADOBE CS5

This was made to waste your time!!!